WoW Profiler

WoW Profiler is a suite of utilities which facilitates the automatic extraction, uploading, storing, and displaying of character data from World Of Warcraft.

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Brief Howto

Server pre-reqs

Other SQL databases might work. However the PHP code which uses the mysql_ functions (contained in lib/wowdb.php) would need to be adapted.
PHP version 4.3.0 or higher is recomended. Any version 4.0 or higher should work.

Server Setup

Download SQL server setup
  • Create a database of the name "wow".
  • Using the wow.sql file from the web tarball, create the char table in the wow database.
  • Create a user (wow) with SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE privilages on the wow database
web setup
  • unpack the web tarball into a directory on your webserver that can run PHP scripts.
  • copy conf.php.sample to conf.php
  • Edit conf.php in a text editor like WordPad
    • $db_user = "wow" - Change "wow" to match the username you created for your wow profiler database.
    • $db_passwd = "xxxxx" - Change "xxxxx" to match the password of the user you created for the wow profiler database.
    • $db_name = "wow" - Change "wow" to match the name of the database you created for wow profiler.
    • $db_host = "localhost" - In most cases you can leave this as localhost. If your database resides on a different server than your wow profiler directory, you will need to change localhost to match the address of your database server.
    • $data_dir = "data" - The "data" direcotry is the directory in which you unpacked the web tarball. You need to use the full path to this directory. Examples:
      • On Linux - "/usr/home/user/public_html/data"
      • On windows - "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\data"
    • $log_dir = "/logs" - Change "/logs" to match the location of where you want wow profiler to store log files. You can leave this as /logs if your log folder is in your data directory. You will need to change the permissions on your log folder to be readable and writable by the server.
    • $upload_dir = "/uploads" - Change "/uploads" to match the location of where you want wow profiler to store uploaded profiles. You can leave this as /uploads if your upload folder is in your data direcotry. You will need to change the permissions on your uploads folder to be readable and writable by the server.
    • $show_inventory = 1 - Leave this as 1 to show your characters inventory. If you wish to not display inventories, then change this to 0.
    • $guild_name = "" - The name of your guild.
    • $guild_desc = "" - A description of your guild.
    • # for Thottbot - The following twolines are used to pull icons from Thottbot. By removing the # symbol, WoW Profiler will connect to Thottbot for icons.
      • #$img_url="";
      • #$img_suffix="jpg";
    • The next two lines are used if you want to store icons on your local server.
      • $img_url="/img/" - Replace "/img/" with the url of your icons folder. WoW Profiler will add /Interface/Icons/ to this url. Make sure your icons are in the /Interface/Icons/ folder. Example:
        • - WoW Profiler will then get icons from "
      • $img_suffix="png" - Replace "png" if your Interface Icons have a different extension like .jpg or .gif
    • $stylesheet = "default.css" - If you want to create your own custom stylesheet, change default.css to match the name of your custom stylesheet.
    • Test the php script. You should see a table with just Name, Race, etc. headings.

Server Upgrade

Download SQL server upgrade
  • In the web/sql-upgrades directory are sql files for upgrading your database. Find the files you need. (ex. If you are upgrading from 0.2.0 to 0.4.0 you will need both 0.2.0-0.2.2.sql and 0.3.1-0.4.0.sql)
  • Apply the apropriate file in order to your database. (ex. apply 0.2.0-0.2.2.sql first and 0.3.1-0.4.0.sql second)
web upgrade
  • unpack the new web tarball into a new directory
  • copy your old conf.php into this new directory
  • add any lines in the new conf.php.sample to your conf.php which do not exist
  • once the new web module is working, replace the old directory with the new one.

User Setup

  • Each user should download the latest WOWLauncher.
  • Start WOWLauncher.
  • Click on the Prefs... button
  • Enter in the URL of update.cgi on the server (the default can be changed by re-compiling the source) and click OK.
  • Click Browse and find the location of WoW.exe. Cosmos.exe can be run here instead as long as it's in the the same directory as WoW.exe. Running Cosmos.exe will have the side-effect of uploading you info BEFORE wow is run instead of after (to be addressed in a later version)
  • Click Launch to run WoW. This will automatically install the Character Profiler into WoW.
  • When WoW exits, the character data will be uploaded to the update.cgi script.


Thanks to...
  • Angarth for the CharacterProfiler WoW addon.
  • SiBBoR for various patches including the new character layout
  • Kandiil Boxx for updating the readme file. Logo